All About Resin Art, Resin Artists and HalfBakedArt

All About Resin Art, Resin Artists and HalfBakedArt 

Part One:

I'm Jane Biven, a resin artist, dba Half Baked Art. Whether you are searching for resin art techniques, how to make resin art, famous resin artists, resin artists in the US or to buy epoxy resin, I've got you covered.

Epoxy resin is my medium and, as of 2017, I poured over 1000 pieces of resin art. I have been selling my epoxy resin paintings online, through my website and Etsy shop since 4.20.2012. I started teaching resin art classes and workshops to help people learn to make resin art correctly and use epoxy resin safely. I have spent most of my time researching and studying the chemistry of epoxy resin to fully understand how it works and why. This has allowed me to achieve amazing results and master dozens of techniques of artistic application.

With the surge in interest in fluid art, resin art has become very popular among artists and newcomers alike. Along with that is a ton of YouTube videos from amateurs and inexperienced people making costly mistakes, giving poor advice and often incorrect (or incomplete) instruction.

Resin art is fun and easy to learn, with endless possibilities! It can done safely inside your home or studio. Please take the time to educate yourself and ALWAYS put safety first! Follow my blog for my 2018 series on epoxy resin and resin art: https://halfbakedartblog.blogspot.com/

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