Why GREEN is my favorite color. Safest epoxy resin for artists


ECOPOXY® UV Poxy is (literally) a breath of fresh air! 
Environmental conservation has always been very important to me.
Reducing waste, recycling and protecting our natural resources should be a priority for all of us,
so when a no-brainer popped up right in front of me, I easily made the right decision.    

As a resin artist, I use epoxy resin constantly. I love working with it and declared it my medium, over 5 years ago, without regret. There were only 2 concerns about working with epoxy resin: 1- Health risk. Exposure to the chemicals and fumes. 2 - Disposal of the hazard materials. 
Both of which I took precautions and extra steps to prevent.

As an American, I am all to familiar with deception and false claims in product labeling and advertising and the loose guidelines that allow them. Just like  NO TRANS FAT and ALL NATURAL give many of us a false sense of security when we see them on boxes of our favorite foods, NON-TOXIC and VOC FREE or also suspect. After research, I was not surprised to learn how lenient the restrictions are. (And just to cover me bases....GREEN and ECO-FRIENDLY claims may also be deceptive)  The state of California has set it's own standards when it comes to clean air and it provides a much better rule of measurement  for personal safety.

EcoPoxy® is a Plant based, 100% solid, waterproof, non-toxic, non-solvent, non-conductive, epoxy system that is Certified “GREEN”.
Surpassing Southern California Air Quality standards it is virtually odorless and has an endless shelf life.
EcoPoxy® has over 30 years of industry experience and has developed the “SAFEST” and “GREENEST” epoxy available today.
Ecopoxy® UV Poxy is made in Canada.

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