Learn to Add Emoticons to Tweets, Posts & Emails!

In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about adding emoticons to Tweets, other social media and emails 

  1. Where To Get Symbols For Your Tweets
  2. Why Symbols Sometimes Don't Work
  3. How To Make Tweets Shorter AND Easier To Read
  4. The Big List Of Text Emoticons For Your Tweets
  5. Adding Mini Bar Charts To Tweets ("Sparkbars")
  6. Amazing ASCII Art In Tweets
  7. What Do All Those Symbols Mean, Anyway?
  8. Writing Upside Down, Blacked Out And Other Tricks
Iván Rodríguez (@Ivan_RG) created the ultimate Twitter symbol interfaceTwitter Simbols (also available in Spanish). Like my interface, there is a box to type in, but underneath his, he created this beautiful and extensive set of symbols (below) Just click, and they are added to your tweet! Click to try it:
Most advanced of all, though not as convenient as Twitter Simbols, isTwingDings. Here you get various "alphabets" of ACSII art that your text can be converted into, as well as a large collection of symbols and common art combinations.
For your iPhone, there's the very cool tweet symbol composing app called Feathers, which has alphabets, symbols and many other features...even morse code:

Copy/Paste Tools

Other alternatives are adding shortcuts to your browser that popup symbols that you can copy. TwitterKeys, Unicode Symbol Map and TwitterSymbols take this approach. There's also a great guide to using text symbols, and a giant list of symbols to browse though.

Type Your Own Symbols

Read MORE about emoticons "how-to" and Q & A
Read this post in it's entirety at: BufferApp
Written by Dave Larson  

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