Don't Fail By "Default"

 Today I read several articles and blog post on the subject of art business, small business success, entrepreneurship, selling art online, etc... and felt compelled to share one. I have to highlight a quote from Laura Delaney's article that inspired me.

    "I’m successful not because I've avoided failure, but because          my persistence is stronger than my sense of disappointment."                  by Lauren Delaney
halfbakedart by Jane Biven

This post reminded me of the "Just Do It" approach that is often ignored. I am as guilty as anyone of always planning! It is my default mindset. I can't help it...I'm a planner! But, this is one of those areas where artists and creatives have an advantage over other entrepreneurs and small business owners. Just do it! You could waste the best years of your life trying to prepare and plan perfectly what ultimately will be imperfect. Open a shop, build a website, post a listing. You will learn from your mistakes. Make your business plan simple...to IMPROVE!  What's your default mindset?
I can't close without adding some advice, based on my own experience, about selling on Etsy (and other sites).

  • Follow their guidelines
  • Read the Sellers Handbook (all of it)
  • Even when it feels unnecessary, not applicable or like overkill 
  • You will eventually come back and do it that way anyway.
  • Utilize the resources available. (forums, discussions, teams, etc...)
I thoroughly enjoyed her post on Etsy blog today. Please follow the link and read her entire article 'Embracing your Inner Entrepreneur'

I opened my Etsy shop in 2012 with no clue. I searched, researched and studied everything related to selling artwork online and I have learned A LOT! Follow this blog for more time saving, pain saving, valuable advice from one artist to another.
What's your default mindset?  
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