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"The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear."      Gandhi
And I say ... "If you live without fear, anything is possible."


Newest Artwork

Very cool textured resin art.

3 piece set
Each canvas 10" x 10" x 2 "

"Yellowbrick Road"

"Everything Zen"
6 panels each one 9" x 36"


'Joy to the World'

'Joy to the World'
12" Peace Signs
Resin Art 2013
Etsy Shop

 Neon Pink
 Orange multi
 Blue Multi
 Multi Color
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An anecdote about Picasso

Picasso 1962
 An anecdote about Picasso...

An anecdote about Picasso which, in a way, sums up a significant conundrum for those who make their living in the art world.
 Seems someone visited his studio, stood in front of a painting for several minutes, and asked Picasso, “What does it represent?” 
Picasso replied without hesitation, “Two hundred thousand dollars.”

The Hottest Resin Trend

If You Are Serious About Epoxy Resin  Resin artists, woodworkers and jewelers alike, all are trying the hottest trend in epoxy resin......