What is 'Rock Art'?

To answer the question about my ROCK ART...

  It comes from the music I love most. Classic rock from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith & The Rolling Stones. I love all kinds of music. I've been inspired by everything from Beethoven to Howlin Wolf....Ted Nugent to Patsy Cline...Stevie Ray Vaughan to The Village People!! 
 However, I find an overwhelming motivation to express my emotions artistically whenever I hear my "deserted island" favorites. (the songs   you could not live without if stranded on a deserted island)  
"It is as if I can translate the audible to visual. 
The lyrics and melody become color and form."
Maybe it's because these songs and bands were an intricate part of my emotional and psychological development. Part of my journey of self discovery and enlightenment, as a teenager learning about life and it's most important lessons. Defining boundaries. pushing limits, exploring sexuality and even experimenting with drugs.
  Even at the most unlikely times & places, these sounds immediately deliver me "home" to  my "happy place". In spite of the volume level or wicked guitar riffs, it's the most serene and soothing place I know. 
  Those were also the years that I discovered 'Art'.  My first experience with painting, ceramics, jewelry making etc... was early in high school & strongly encouraged by a wonderful art teacher (Carol Hale).
  It is rewarding on a spiritual level. It restores my internal peace, harmony & balance (my Libra side thrives on that). It allows my creative side an outlet while relieving stress. Sounds perfect doesn't it? Well it is! For me, anyway.
  ~~When I turn on my music, (albums like "Darkside of the Moon", "Trilogy", "2112", "Let it Bleed" & ANYTHING from Zeppelin). instantly, I am transformed~~ ♥ ~~Natures beauty combined with digitally-remastered rock produces a symphony of inspiration that soothes my soul.~~ ♥ ~~
  To be continued......
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