To answer the question about my "musical" inspiration....

  it is mostly from the music I love ,most. Classic rock from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith & The Rolling Stones. I LOVE all kinds of music. I've been moved by classical Beethoven to paint a four piece series. However, I find an overwhelming motivation to express my emotions artistically whenever I hear my "deserted island" favorites. (those things you could not live without if stranded on a deserted island)

  Maybe it's because these songs and bands were an intricate part of my emotional and psychological development. Part of my journey of self discovery and enlightenment, as a teenager learning about life and it's most important (and difficult) lessons. Defining boundaries. pushing  limits, exploring sexuality and even experimenting with drugs.

  Even it the most unlikely times & places, these sounds immediately deliver me "home". That peaceful place, safety zone. "happy place". In spite of the volume level or wicked guitar riffs, this is the most soothing music I know.
  Those were also the years that I discovered Art.  My 1st experience with painting, ceramics, jewelry making etc was early in high school and strongly encouraged by a wonderful art teacher (Carol Hale).
But was not until much later in life that I realized how much I benefited from it. 
  It is so spiritually rewarding, it restores peace, harmony...balance. (My Libra side thrives on balance & harmony). It allows my creative side an outlet while relieving stress. Sounds perfect doesn't it? Well it is! For me, anyway.
  When I turn on my music, albums like "Dark side of the Moon", ELP's "Trilogy" , Rush "2112" , Stones "Let it Bleed" and ANYTHING from Zeppelin  , instantly I am transformed. The visual beauty that nature provides with it's animal, botanical and heavenly displays combine with digitally remastered rock for a symphony of inspiration that soothes my soul.


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