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Branding and Social Media Ad SCAMS Target Women Owned Businesses

Targeting Women in Business Was A Big Mistake!Branding and Social Media Ad SCAMS This business targets female business owners on Instagram and Facebook with the promise of building brand awareness and/or product or service. Brand Social Now claims to be a "team" of EXPERT marketing and advertising specialists. They say they will design/create a tailored ad for your "target market".

They require auto draft monthly payments or payment for full 6 months UPFRONT with lots of promises. I paid $600, a 33% discount for paying all 6 mo. at once, and when they sent the ads for approval, it was a copy/paste from my own ad currently running on FB. I responded immediately with objections and more text and images along with another BIG problem. The ads were advertising THEIR social media profile and brand and no CTA except for THEIR page follows and likes.

After repeated requests (29) by email and phone messages (they only have a voice message option, not a live person or the a…

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