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If You Are Serious About Epoxy Resin 

UVPoxy resin from EcoPoxy at HalfBakedArt in USResin artists, woodworkers and jewelers alike, all are trying the hottest trend in epoxy resin...whether you are making a river table, resin painting, resin jewelry, casting, molding or just clear coating, this is the best epoxy resin brand on the market.

EcoPoxy® the 1st bio-based epoxy resin. It's the safest, greenest, Eco-friendly product available!

logo for Jane Biven HalfBakedArt US artist rep for EcoPoxy

I am the US Artist Rep for EcoPoxy and carry the full line of products available on my website and in my Etsy shop.

My list of happy customers has grown to over 1000 artists. Don't you want to know what all the buzz is about?

There lots of detailed information about EcoPoxy on my website learn more

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Expert Hacks for Using Epoxy Resin

This blog post is taken from my other blog "The Resin Artist"   https://theresinartist.blogspot.com/

Epoxy Resin Hacks:
supplies for resin art class at halfbakedart studio
HalfBakedArt Resin Class
from HalfBakedArt Part 1

Its hard to decide where to start

So before I walk you through the steps to creating quality, professional resin art, let's talk about the proper way to apply epoxy resin:  

The answer is: in two coats.

 It is essential to seal the surface, object(s) or substrate or whatever you are putting epoxy resin on, All resins are designed to be applied in 2 coats. A seal coat and a flood coat. This is recommended for all materials.

Although there are several ways to seal, the best is with a quick layer of epoxy resin.  I usually use a brush or foam roller to paint the entire area. I don't worry about perfection, just a light, thin coat. I also don't worry about degassing the seal coat, any bubbles will be covered by the flood coat. Sealing the surface first eliminates any air from being released from the surface and creates a practically bubble-free zone for the second coat (flood coat). 

The 1st coat should be dry to the touch before adding the 2nd coat. **This one (flood coat)will be your perfect resin art. If you are coloring your resin, add it to your flood coat. (you can always apply more seal coats if desired)

adding and mixing ecopoxy epoxy resin with blue color at halfbakedart studio
Add color to the flood coat of epoxy resin
After applying your flood coat, you may need to degas the still wet epoxy resin with a heat gun on low heat setting. A heat gun works better than a torch because it covers a larger area with heat evenly.
  • Hold above the surface 3-6 inches and keep it moving. 
  • Move across the resin in a wide sweeping motion. 
  • Use the glare from the light to see the bubbles popping and any imperfections in your project.
  • resin artist, Jane Biven, removing bubbles from resin art at a demo
    Use heat gun to remove bubbles
  • Wait 10-15 minutes and repeat if needed 

A torch can be used as well, BUT be careful not to overheat the resin. The is a common problem with a torch and with limited time to degas before the resin become too gelled, the heat gun is much more effective
heat gun by drill master available at HalfBakedArt

 Visit my website for more information and to learn about EcoPoxy epoxy resin, the safest, greenest epoxy products available. As a professional resin artist, I use them exclusively!
 In upcoming posts, I will tell you why and about many tips and tricks for using epoxy resin in several artistic applications.


Wesleyan Artists Market 2018

Come and see me at my one and only art show this year! I've got brand new artwork with a new theme, and lots of color.
Here's a preview of some of the art I will display...

purple abstract circle resin art painting by HalfBakedart 2018

Orange and pink circle resin art painting by Jane Biven HBA 2018

abstract resin art by jane biven. Orange, blue and aqua circle

aqua blue, green and orange resin art circle by Jane biven 2018

pink, purple and white round resin art by HalfBakedart 2018

Green and purple resin art circle painting by HBA Jane Biven

colorful circle painting. Abstract resin art by Jane Biven


Hang Art Like A Pro...Simple Hack

this post is shared from my other blog @ https://theresinartist.blogspot.com.

How many holes are behind the pictures on your walls? If the answer is more than 1, read this:

tape Craft paper on a wall to find the perfect layout for your wall art
use masking tape to arrange craft paper cutouts on the wall

Before you hang your art:

If you are not sure about how a big painting or wall art will look it a certain spot, measure the  dimensions of the artwork and cut a piece of craft paper or newspaper the same size. Use painters tape or masking tape to place it on the wall in question. Back up, take a look, make adjustments and then live with it for a bit. If it works, great. If not, move the paper to the next spot.

I recommend this process for gallery walls and groupings as well. Cut out each size to be hung and arrange them on the floor first, to easy shuffle them into the best layout, then transfer the arrangement to the wall to view before putting any nails in the wall
large bright colored artwork hung above a white couch Niberu by Jane Biven
"Niberu" by Jane Biven/HalfBakedArt

Simple Steps to Hang a Single Painting 

  1. Measure the height of the wall art, divide by 2. (1st number)
  2. Measure 57 inches up from the floor (2nd number)
  3. Measure distance between the wire & the top edge of art (3rd number)(hanging wire on the back of painting & top of frame)
  4. Add numbers 1 & 2
  5. Subtract number 3
  6. Put the nail here. 
  7. Hang art. The center of the artwork is 57" above the floor 

Courtesy of Wayfair
Tips to consider:
Consider the space to be filled (from above the fireplace to the ceiling) then place it 6 – 8″ above the piece of furniture (if its big enough) and see how it looks. The artwork and the piece of furniture should relate to each other and live near enough to each other that they collectively engage the whole wall together as a unit. Often, if there is a huge gap in between it will look disjointed

Additional Tips:

  • art hung in a grid works well centered at eye level

  • works for picture ledges too

  • eye-level above a sofa or seating area
  • 6 "- 8" above shelves and furniture
  • multiples look best in odd-numbered groupings. (3 is most popular) 

Remember ..."Three is the key to symmetry" 

I use all-in-one screws/anchors. You can find them at art/hobby stores, DIY stores, retail chains. They support up to 100 lbs without a stud in drywall, concrete or wood. I use a cordless screwdriver and it takes just seconds. 

 Remember to always use your own judgment to apply these rules in your own home. 



    • Art class with several artists painting at their easels.

    • Some of the creative ways to try and gain our trust, and ultimately take our hard earned money, are quite elaborate, most are just transparent.

    • Remember..."if it sounds too good to be true...IT IS"

    • I got another copy of the same email -- I've received 10 in the last 2 years --The name is changed but the rest is all too familiar....

      multi colored paints in cups with stirs.

    • Today's attempt was in the form of an email submitted through my website:

    • Subject ARTWORK
    • Message Greetings, My name is Anthonio Jack from Oregon.. I actually observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes your piece of work, I'm also impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too,You are doing a great job. I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you.. Kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales.. Thanks and best regards..
  • Sent on: 4 November, 2017

Here'a a new one sent to my friend the other day...

Hi ,

Am John Young Co-Owner of Walnut Studios, a collective art studio in the King West Village, housing 55 artists working in a variety of disciplines including painting, jewelry, fashion design, sculpture, photography, graphic design, and installation. Established in 2007, Walnut is a hub of creativity, inspiration, and collaboration. We are interested in collecting and showcasing various antiques and art work/Paintings.

On Saturday February 17th we shall be opening our studio as part of 10 year Anniversary for our Art Exhibition and celebration. We are looking to purchase antiques , paintings, hand crafted jewelry, sculpture and graphic design to add to our new gallery for the upcoming exhibition on February 17th

Looking to purchase from you two or more of any of the items stated above for the upcoming exhibition and would like to know if you have any available? If available then kindly get back to me with a photo image/item description including your final asking price for them, or simply provide me with a web link to view and select from.

Awaiting details from you. Happy new year.

Thank you.
John Young.

She contacted the REAL location and it's manager and got a swift reply that they knew nothing about it.


Branding and Social Media Ad SCAMS Target Women Owned Businesses

Targeting Women in Business Was A Big Mistake!

Branding and Social Media Ad SCAMS

This business targets female business owners on Instagram and Facebook with the promise of building brand awareness and/or product or service. Brand Social Now claims to be a "team" of EXPERT marketing and advertising specialists. They say they will design/create a tailored ad for your "target market".

They require auto draft monthly payments or payment for full 6 months UPFRONT with lots of promises. I paid $600, a 33% discount for paying all 6 mo. at once, and when they sent the ads for approval, it was a copy/paste from my own ad currently running on FB. I responded immediately with objections and more text and images along with another BIG problem. The ads were advertising THEIR social media profile and brand and no CTA except for THEIR page follows and likes.

After repeated requests (29) by email and phone messages (they only have a voice message option, not a live person or the ability to talk to one).

Now 9 weeks of 6 months have pasted with an ad I've never seen, the proof had the wrong link, CTA and product info, maybe it's out there-- unapproved and incorrect. I only know I have no indication, no traffic or views (cause it would be advertising the wrong CTA anyway) I've received no response and NONE of the promised services for which I paid. (SEE Photo Below)

Brand social Now attempts to advertise on Instagram is a scam on business owners

After the initial phone call on November 7, 2017 from Grace, the sales person (who is very good) I was screwed!! From that point they failed to deliver even the smallest of their promises, including my assigned "ad account mgr" (that apparently doesn't exist). the name they gave me (Eleana) finally returned a call on December 12, 2017, after I called her personal number and left a message. She said she was in customer service, not my account mgr. After I voiced my disappointments,valid complaints and inability to speak to anyone for 5 weeks, she promised to have someone call me back right away from the ad accounts dept. ---NEVER HAPPENED! That was 28 days ago!

The area code suggests Brand Social Now is located in California, however some online research produced a Canadian company owns the domain along with 2 others, all linking to the same site. The website is completely generic with no actual names, titles or contact information except a support@ email and the same phone number I have been calling for 2 months.

Their "office hours" are M - Th 12- 3 pm PST. WHAT marketing/ advertising company WORKS THESE HOURS?? and they were closed 9 days for Thanksgiving and 18 days for the Christmas holidays!!! WTF?? My frustration builds as they fail to respond to me and now a letter from my attorney requesting a full refund. I'd call it a scam!

Here's a CNN Money article on Social Media scams and what to look out for by Hope King : http://cnnmon.ie/2ALI9De

Consumer Reviews, Brand Marketing 
and Social Media This works both ways! 
If I can't get a refund for the services I did not receive, 
then I will do my own campaign to try to prevent
Brand Social Now from conning another woman owned business.


All About Resin Art, Resin Artists and HalfBakedArt

All About Resin Art, Resin Artists and HalfBakedArt 

Part One:

I'm Jane Biven, a resin artist, dba Half Baked Art. Whether you are searching for resin art techniques, how to make resin art, famous resin artists, resin artists in the US or to buy epoxy resin, I've got you covered.

Epoxy resin is my medium and, as of 2017, I poured over 1000 pieces of resin art. I have been selling my epoxy resin paintings online, through my website and Etsy shop since 4.20.2012. I started teaching resin art classes and workshops to help people learn to make resin art correctly and use epoxy resin safely. I have spent most of my time researching and studying the chemistry of epoxy resin to fully understand how it works and why. This has allowed me to achieve amazing results and master dozens of techniques of artistic application.

With the surge in interest in fluid art, resin art has become very popular among artists and newcomers alike. Along with that is a ton of YouTube videos from amateurs and inexperienced people making costly mistakes, giving poor advice and often incorrect (or incomplete) instruction.

Resin art is fun and easy to learn, with endless possibilities! It can done safely inside your home or studio. Please take the time to educate yourself and ALWAYS put safety first! Follow my blog for my 2018 series on epoxy resin and resin art: https://halfbakedartblog.blogspot.com/


Why GREEN is my favorite color. Safest epoxy resin for artists


ECOPOXY® UV Poxy is (literally) a breath of fresh air! 
Environmental conservation has always been very important to me.
Reducing waste, recycling and protecting our natural resources should be a priority for all of us,
so when a no-brainer popped up right in front of me, I easily made the right decision.    

As a resin artist, I use epoxy resin constantly. I love working with it and declared it my medium, over 5 years ago, without regret. There were only 2 concerns about working with epoxy resin: 1- Health risk. Exposure to the chemicals and fumes. 2 - Disposal of the hazard materials. 
Both of which I took precautions and extra steps to prevent.

As an American, I am all to familiar with deception and false claims in product labeling and advertising and the loose guidelines that allow them. Just like  NO TRANS FAT and ALL NATURAL give many of us a false sense of security when we see them on boxes of our favorite foods, NON-TOXIC and VOC FREE or also suspect. After research, I was not surprised to learn how lenient the restrictions are. (And just to cover me bases....GREEN and ECO-FRIENDLY claims may also be deceptive)  The state of California has set it's own standards when it comes to clean air and it provides a much better rule of measurement  for personal safety.

EcoPoxy® is a Plant based, 100% solid, waterproof, non-toxic, non-solvent, non-conductive, epoxy system that is Certified “GREEN”.
Surpassing Southern California Air Quality standards it is virtually odorless and has an endless shelf life.
EcoPoxy® has over 30 years of industry experience and has developed the “SAFEST” and “GREENEST” epoxy available today.
Ecopoxy® UV Poxy is made in Canada.




If you re a visual artist, like me,

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Pour Like A Pro | Resin Art Series

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