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Hang Art Like A Pro...Simple Hack

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How many holes are behind the pictures on your walls? If the answer is more than 1, read this:Before you hang your art:If you are not sure about how a big painting or wall art will look it a certain spot, measure the  dimensions of the artwork and cut a piece of craft paper or newspaper the same size. Use painters tape or masking tape to place it on the wall in question. Back up, take a look, make adjustments and then live with it for a bit. If it works, great. If not, move the paper to the next spot.
I recommend this process for gallery walls and groupings as well. Cut out each size to be hung and arrange them on the floor first, to easy shuffle them into the best layout, then transfer the arrangement to the wall to view before putting any nails in the wall

Simple Steps to Hang a Single Painting Measure the height of the wall art, divide by 2. (1st number)Measure 57 inches up from the floor (2nd number)Measure…

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